Kapitel 1 - Angel.
Epov (pov=point of view)

’’Damn it.’’ I said to myself. This just wouldn’t work.
I sat on my usual spot on the street with the guitar. I wasn’t that good on guitar, but it was easier to learn guitar than drag out a piano on the street.
’’I think it would be easier if you just changed that to the easier G.’’ A woman’s voice said to me. I looked up to see a brown haired girl – no angel – in front of me.
’’Excuse me?’’ I said, and forgot the words she just said to me.
’’You’re trying to learn the more advanced G, just easier to take the easier one.’’ She said and smiled a brilliant smile.
’’Yeah, I know. But I still think this sounds better.’’
’’Oh, okay. Sorry to bother you then.’’ She said and blushed a beautiful blush. She turned her back against me and started to walk towards the crowd.
’’My name is Edward.’’ I called after her, desperate to get her attention back. She turned around and gave me a smile.
’’My name is Bella.’’ 
I just smiled back at her, didn’t know how to speak.
‘’So, do you often sit around here, trying to learn guitar?’’ She asked and started to come closer to me.
‘’Erhm.. No. I usually play piano at small cafes and stuff like that. It’s too hard to drag out a piano on the street.’’
She laughed a beautiful laugh and nodded.
‘’I guess so.’’
‘’So, how about you?’’
‘’What about me?’’ She asked.
‘’Do you often tell strangers how to pull a G on the guitar?’’ I teased her.
Once again she laughed, but I could see the blush on her cheeks.
‘’No, actually not. But I couldn’t help it, it looked like you really wanted to learn that.’’
‘’Yeah.’’ I said looking down at my guitar.
‘’I don’t want to seem like the ‘sneaky’ girl, but, don’t you have a job?’’
This turn it was my turn to blush, it wasn’t something I did very often, but it happened every now and then.
‘’Yeah, but it’s nothing big.  I don’t get very much in salary so I do what I love to do to get money.’’ I said and smiled a crooked grin.
She smiled.
‘’You seem interested in music , too.’’ I said.
‘’That wasn’t a question.’’
I shook my head no.
‘’Yeah, my mother’s second husband was a guitar player, so he’s been learning me since I was like 7.’’
‘’Oh, I see.’’
‘’You, want to get something to eat? I’m starving and its freezing outside,’’ She said.
‘’I would love that, but.. I have to get to work.’’ I said and a small amount of pain crossed my chest, I wanted to get to know her better.
‘’Too bad. But, you’re still going to be here tomorrow?’’
‘’Yeah.’’ I said and couldn’t help but smile.
‘’Okay, I’ll see you.’’ She said and turned around.
‘’Yeah.’’ I said once more, and I could have sworn that I heard her laugh. Good job , Cullen, really smooth.  I thought and wanted to hit myself in the head with a bat or something.

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